Model ASM-4xx

Efficiency - Scalability - Availability - Performance

  • up to 1’120 TB Capacity in 4U
  • up to 8.96 PB in one 42U Rack
  • up to 21.9 GB/s Throughput
  • Containerized Multi Tenancy
  • Built-in Quality of Service


ASM-4XX Series offers superior agility with its exceptional flexibility, unmatched efficiency, ultra scalability and extraordinary reliability. This series empowers organizations to consolidate their storage landscape, maximize storage uptime, lower storage costs and boost data storage ROI. ASM-4XX Series is the chameleon in the storage industry. With the unreached flexibility of its WASP OS™, you stay ahead of the growing need for mixed application workloads, virtualized environments, enormous data growth and even secure archiving requirements. No more storage headaches!

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Workload agnostic STORAGE FOR MODERN IT-Environments

Share your storage and deliver predictable performance to every application. For the first time ever, WASP™ allows storage LUNs and Filesystems to be defined beyond capacity. It also allows to define a maximum or guaranteed number of IOPS, throughput and latency usage for applications, filesystems or VSMs. This QoS engine allows mixed workloads with guaranteed performance characteristics from a shared storage platform, eliminating possible “noisy neighbors” related performance problems on the following storage types:

  • File Storage (SMB & NFS)

  • Block Storage (Fibre Channel & iSCSI)

  • Object Storage

By un-fragmented storage and optimized resources utilization, AGILESTORAGE cuts your storage footprint, resulting in 60-70% cost savings over 3-5 years.


WASP™ is the first true storage hypervisor in the market virtualizing storage resources similar to how Vmware is virtualizing compute resources since more than 20 years. A VSM is a fully featured and independent virtual storage system which consumes all or a part of the total storage resources that the underlying hardware can deliver. The amount of the total hardware resources one VSM is allowed to consume can be defined during the deployment process of the VSM and easily adjusted at any time as needed.
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flash performance on spinning drives

Based on the hybrid storage pool architecture, which enables direct cache tiering, IOPS performance is decoupled from the physical devices where the data is stored. At the time when new or modified data is stored, the intelligent data management identifies the new/changed blocks and writes them directly into the write cache devices. It also recognizes the most frequently- and most recently used blocks, writing a copy of these blocks into the read cache. Consequently, expensive high speed disks or all flash storage systems are in most cases no longer needed to achieve highest IOPS storage performance. This in turn eliminates the need for inefficient and expensive storage tiers.
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Accessibility of your DATa is key

There are plenty of things to worry about every day, but storage shouldn’t be one of them. AGILESTORAGE appliances have been designed to address even the most complex storage challenges that customers face, , and withstand tough storage environments (including offshore pliable and mobile geological laboratories).

AGILESTORAGE appliances just work, period

ASM-4XX series deliver 99.9999% availability – including maintenance, failures, and generational upgrades. That means your data is always on, always fast, and always secure. AGILESTORAGE appliances are cloud connected, contain unreached predictive support, provide powerful real-time analytics and deliver highest data protection. If your appliance needs your attention, your smartphone will let you know.


AGILESTORAGE appliances are not age, they enhance with time. In fact, ASM-4XX is just a seamless, non-disruptive upgrade away from the next AGILESTORAGE appliance generation. It’s all part of AGILE-EVOLUTION STORAGE, our progressive and future proof ownership model, which delivers continuous innovations in software and hardware to you with no forklift upgrades, and no data migrations.
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Model NameASM-41H / ASM-42H
PositioningSingle or dual node storage controller
Form Factor4U2N 19” rack mount
ProcessorDual Socket (per controller node)
Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600v3/v4
Memory Slot16x DDR4 DIMM slot
(max. 1TB RAM per controller node)
ChipsetIntel C612
Intel C612 SATA, 2x 6Gb/s port
LSI 9305-16i 12Gb/s SAS3 controller HBA
Dual SAS expander midplane
7x hot-swappable backplane
Intel 82599ES Dual Port 10G SFP+
Intel X540-T2 Dual Port 10GBase-T
Intel X710-DA4 Quad Port 10G SFP+
Intel X710 QDA2 Dual Port 40G QSFP+
Mellanox ConnectX-3 Dual Port 40G QSFP+
Mellanox ConnectiX-4 Dual Port 100G QSFP28
Expansion Slot2x PCIe Gen3 x8 (LP/MD2)
2x PCIe Gen3 x16 (FHHL)
Disk Drive BayOS Drive bays per node:
2x 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s, hot-plug, 7mm
Storage drive bays (top loader):
70x 3.5" / 2.5" dual channel 12Gb/s SAS3 hot-plug bays
System ManagementIPMI 2.0 compliant
Dedicated management port (RJ45)
Power Supply1’400W Platinum
3+1 redundancy
Performanceup to 500’000 IOPS at 4K block size
(depending on system and pool configuration)
Throughputup to 52.5 TB/h (14.6 GB/sec)
Scalabilityup to 6.7PB raw capacity in one 46U rack
Connectivity1G / 10G / 40G / 100G Ethernet
4G / 8G / 16G Fibre Channel
Storage protocolSMB 2.x / SMB 3.x / NFS v3 / NFS v4
OpenStack / CloudStack
RoHSRoHS Compliant
Environmental specs.Operating Temperature: 5°C to 37°C
Non-operating Temperature: -40°C to 60°C
Operating relative Humidity: 8% to 90%
Non-operating relative Humidity: 5% to 95%

The workload agnostic storage platform is the answer for any company to ensure storage agility by a flexible, efficient, scalable and sustainable storage platform.