AGILESTORAGE transforms today’s complex storage infrastructure into a simple utility.
No matter which storage challenges you face,

AGILESTORAGE ensures storage agility through a flexible, efficient, scalable, sustainable and easy to use storage platform.


AGILESTORAGE has built the first real storage hypervisor platform, similar to how Vmware built compute hypervisor technology. Our storage operating system—the foundation of any storage system—was designed and built by former metro-cluster development team members at Netapp. We have replaced the inflexibility of legacy storage with a flexible, containerized storage engine which enables the highest storage agility. This architecture delivers real virtualization of storage and seamless integration into your entire IT-Infrastructure including your virtualization ecosystem.

This makes agilestorage unique:

Data Centric Storage Architecture which allows data treatment aligned with the information value of this data.

Containerized multi tenancy is the foundation for the highest flexibility of virtualized storage in the market.

Hybrid- and Multi-cloud awareness gives you the freedom of choice for your preferred cloud storage provider, matching your data storage strategy.

DR-VSM capabilities, included in the basic product, cut the cost of data availability dramatically and ensure infrastructure data access at any time.

The Quality of Service (QoS) engine controls the total available resources (that the underlying hardware platform is able to deliver). This QoS technology generates up to 5x higher storage hardware utilization, compared to other storage vendors.


We deliver storage appliances that satisfy the highest performance requirements as well as the toughest budgetary restrictions. With every storage system, AGILESTORAGE delivers future readiness to your IT-Infrastructure, no matter which storage challenges you face.

We deliver a powerful, self explanatory, web-based storage management framework, designed to bring the highest flexibility into any IT Infrastructure and significantly disburden storage admin staff.

The workload agnostic storage platform is the answer for any company to ensure storage agility by a flexible, efficient, scalable and sustainable storage platform.